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The United Kingdom is a motorsport world leader. We have been hosting everything from local sports such as karting, hill climbs, autotests and more up to the leading stages of Formula One. The UK is home to some of the best teams in the world, including Racing Point, Williams, and McLaren. The Racing circuits UK has hosted include the World Rally Championship, Grand Prix motorcycle racing, and many others.

Our mission is simple. We want to catalogue all tracks formerly and currently in use around the United Kingdom. These include events such as the anglesey race circuit and more. We provide this information for the casual fans watching the events at home or the enthusiasts who are visiting the circuits to watch events or track days.

Considering the large number of circuits operating in the UK, curating them is an extensive project. But we are continuously adding circuits and updating the older circuit pages.

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We Are Experts In Racing Circuits UK

The website is founded by racing fans who have had an interest in the history of motor racing circuits from days before the internet existed. A major inspiration is the anglesey race circuit the home of various racing events since 1989.

When we are not sitting in front of a computer screen (rarely) updating the website, we are watching racing events – in person or in front of another screen. We are keen on making sure you get the latest car or motorcycle racing information and track days occurring on different racing circuits.

Three Types of Racing Circuits

Oval racing circuits run counterclockwise and with left turns only. Drivers can achieve speeds up to 370kmh. The track surface can be asphalt, concrete, dirt, or a combination of asphalt and concrete. At the start of the century, oval racing circuits had wood surfaces. They are suitable for racing stock cars, open-wheel vehicles, sprint cars, modified cars, midget cars, and dirt bikes.

A road course racing circuit is built around natural terrain. The course features right and left-hand turns. Road courses are specifically designed or can be closed-off areas of public roads and airport runways. In the UK, road course circuits are in purpose-built facilities. A street circuit occurs on city streets. It is the easiest way to bring racing to the fans.

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Different UK Motorsports

UK motorsport is so diverse that there is something for everyone. The autocross niche is ideal for novices looking to get their first taste of competitive motorsport. It involves completing a temporary course in a stubble or grass field within a set time. Autotests are all about negotiating the course as fast as possible without hitting markers. Racing circuits UK events cater for different vehicles, including sports cars, saloons, hatchbacks and purpose-built single-seaters.

Racing circuits UK events cater for a wide range of driver budgets. This means people with only a few thousand pounds for a car can hit the track. However, each car in the event must comply with set regulations. We celebrate the accomplishments racing circuits in the UK have made over the last few decades and support the most prestigious British and national championship titles!

Frequently Asked Questions

The longest track in the country is Silverstone in Northamptonshire. It is also the most demanding track and has hosted over 50 Grand Prix races and receives more than 300,000 visitors annually. Events held at the racetrack include the Silverstone Classic, Superbikes, and MotoGP, usually held every weekend.

Britain’s most famous race track is Silverstone. Other famous racing circuits UK has includes the Brands Hatch circuit because of its historic significance to the industry. It has hosted racing legends such as Jim Clarke, Stirling Moss, and Ayrton Senna. Another circuit worth mentioning is the Anglesey Circuit.

This track is suitable for anyone with a passion for driving or motorsport. It is the ultimate entertaining and practical circuit designed for all ages and skill levels to enjoy, which makes it a popular venue for people to race using their cars on track days.