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Flying High with Helicopter Pilot Training

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The great thing about helicopter pilot training courses is that they are tailor made to suit the needs of the individual. There are lots of different courses to choose from. People who simply want to have fun and experience something a bit different can also take an introductory lesson.

Flying High with Helicopter Pilot Training

Having a license gives people the freedom to pilot a helicopter whenever they choose. From beating rush hour traffic to taking friends on a gorgeous picnic, the possibilities are endless when you have a license to fly. Before students are given free control of the helicopter, they are given plenty of time to get used to the controls. All people who sign up for helicopter pilot training are accompanied by a fully trained professional. The trainer accompanies the trainee on all flights until they have mastered the controls as well as skills such as landing and taking off.

Among the skills that are taught during helicopter pilot training sessions are landing, taking off and maneuvering. Hovering is particularly tricky to master and may take several lessons. Potential pilots will also need to be able to talk on their radio while flying and manage a range of other skills.

After the trainer is confident that the training has been a success, they will send the student on a solo flight. This is the perfect time to put all of the skills into practice. There is no pressure to take a solo flight at any time however, and students are free to develop at their own pace.

In order to take a helicopter pilot training, potential students need to be at least 17 years old. They also need to have at least 10 weeks to spare in order to fully complete the course. Of course, a head for heights and a love of flying are also major requirements.