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Learn the Basics of Muay Thai

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Muay Thai

Muay Thai originated in Thailand and simply means ‘Thai boxing’ in the Thai dialect. Unlike Western boxing, this type of martial art also involves the hands and feet and requires fighters to be very fast on their feet. Because many Thai fighters need to be smaller than their Western counterparts, Muay Thai uses speed and agility as well as sheer strength. Read on to learn about the basic Muay Thai techniques.

Punching Techniques

There are much fewer punching techniques in Muay Thai than in Western boxing and these techniques are known as ‘chock’ in Thai. Body punching is not commonly used in Muay Thai, as this exposes the striker’s head to attacks from elbows and knees. Although a number of Western punching techniques have been incorporated into Muay Thai in recent years, the sport also features a couple of unique punching techniques.

Cobra Punch

This special punching technique is also known as the superman punch. Muay Thai fighters bring their leg forwards as if they are going to kick their opponent and then snap it back again while throwing a cross punch. This delivers extra power while also potentially catching the opponent off guard.

Spinning Backfist

In order to perform this technique, the fighter forms a fist and strikes their opponent with the tops of their largest two knuckles. It becomes a spinning backfist when the attackers spins 360 degrees before they land the punch, which adds extra momentum. The fighter first lunges and then spins towards the side of their opponent that they plan to strike.

Elbow Techniques

The elbow can be used as a striking weapon in a number of different ways in Muay Thai such as diagonally upwards, diagonally downwards, horizontally, downwards and even flying and backwards spinning. Diagonal elbow strikes tend to be the fastest, although the downside is that they are less powerful. The elbow strike is considered by many people to be the most dangerous form of attach in Muay Thai.