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More Martial Arts to Try

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Martial arts


This is one of the main types of martial arts that is part of the Olympic Games and was created in 1882. This also makes Judo among the newest of all of the different types of martial arts. The main goal in Judo is to overwhelm an opponent and either restrain them by using a type of special maneuver or immobilize them on the ground.


Kickboxing is one of the types of martial arts that are popular with women, because it does not require a lot of upper body strength. Many of the moves that are taught in kickboxing can be used to neutralize an opponent without getting too close to them, while the routine of punches, kicks and other maneuvers also serve as an excellent exercise routine for people who want to increase their body’s flexibility and strength.

Muay Thai

This type of martial art originated in Thailand and is now practiced by people all over the world. While Muay Thai uses many of the standard Western boxing techniques, the knees and elbows can also be used to strike an opponent. One of the main benefits of Muay Thai for younger people is that it does not rely on size or upper body strength. Instead, speed and agility are major assets with this sport and it teaches students to think quickly and move their bodies rapidly.

Krav Maga

People who have trouble following the rules of combat could benefit from studying Krav Maga. Although there are lots of different combat techniques to learn, there are no official rules, which means that students have to rely more on their wits and powers of strategy in order to win a tournament. This form of combat was developed by the Israeli army and features wrestling as well as striking and grappling techniques. Krav Maga tends to be more demanding than many of the other different types of martial arts and is recommended for teenagers who have already advanced in at least one other form or martial arts.