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The Best Car Racing Track for Car Lovers

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The biggest and most loved modern car racing facility is the Anglesey race circuit in Wales, United Kingdom. It was Originally owned piece of land by Bodorgan Estate and later sold to the Army on a lease agreement in 1941 as a rocket launching ground. Bodorgan Estate bought back the land under the road network intact, marking the beginning of the Anglesey Circuit.

The Anglesey Circuit Layout

There are four Anglesey circuit layouts in number, which run in the venue. They include Full (GP), National, Coastal, and club. The race track was upgraded with a great new look in 2007, making it have a very wide range meaning that it is perfect for cars or bikes racing.

The brand new circuit look in 2007 is still one of the two-car racing tracks in Wales. The Anglesey track calendar is now a common event for both cars and bikes. Those who get privileges to attend racing events on the coastal circuit witness that the downhill Corkscrew section is preferred by racers.

Track Racing Events

There are no major championship events that have taken place on the car racing track due to its remoteness. The biggest event is the Racing Rocks weekend. It is organised by the BRSCC, a VW Fun Cup Race into the Night, a weekend competition for 30 rock groups. The circuit is also popular to viewers of the British Fifth Gear a home base for a track test.